PPSE - Paper Stock Exchange: paper stocklots of corrugated papers, printing papers and special papers
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PPSE - Paper Stock Exchange: stocklots (joblots), corrugated papers, printing papers and special papers


PPSE: 20 years in paper business

PPSE has established its place in business with paper stock lots from paper mills since a long time; with 20 years experience and more than 240.000 tons turnover per year. This experience and the motivation of the export-managers makes PPSE into a competent world-wide trading partner.

Stock lots from major paper mills

Every day PPSE purchases large quantities of stock-lots (overproductions, cancelled orders, side runs) from leading paper producers. We sell these lots neutralized (without unfolding the mills name) world wide (or in some cases only to countries permitted by the mills).Our Logistic Central Warehouse in Antwerp, Belgium

Our Logistic Central Warehouse is in Antwerp, Belgium

Fast and accurate is PPSE's philosophy. To make this happen, PPSE has its own logistic center in Antwerp and only works with only reliable, economic shipping companies. Our actual stock changes daily, every hourly. We have several thousand tons of paper stored to cover your needs, so we can save you time.

Our service: updated stock lists via e-mail

We can add your address to our mailing list and you will receive all current stock lists automatically.